Vet Care


A diagnostic tool used to help diagnose internal disease and illness.

Ultrasound being performed on a dog
cute cat

What to know

Using sound waves, we are able to get a “picture” of your pet’s internal health. It allows us to see soft tissue, organs, and the presence of any abnormal tumors or masses. With an abdominal ultrasound, the current status of your pet’s organs can be confirmed and allows for the detection of changes in shape, size, density or abnormalities. An abdominal ultrasound may be recommended for a variety of reasons. GI/urinary issues, weight loss, inappetence, and pregnancy confirmation are a few of the most common

If your pet is scheduled for an ultrasound

You will bring he/she to the hospital to be admitted for the day. Your pet should be fasted after 8 pm the evening before to ensure clear and accurate images. He/she will be kept safe and comfortable in our treatment area to be monitored prior to and after the procedure by our technicians. Their abdomen will be shaved to allow the probe to make complete contact with the skin. Once the ultrasound and any other needed services have been performed, you will be able to pick up your pet. Upon receipt and review of all reports, Dr. Kohnen will call you to discuss the findings and treatment plan with you.

Ultrasound being performed on a cat