Vet Care

Wellness Exams

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!

Being proactive with your pet’s healthcare will aid in the early diagnosis and treatment of diseases such as diabetes, kidney, liver, and heart disease. Early detection = peace of mind. Keep your pet happy and healthy with regular wellness exams.

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What is a wellness exam and why does my pet need one?

All pets should have a Wellness Exam at least once yearly as part of their routine preventive care. Your pet will receive a complete comprehensive exam to check for any physical changes that may indicate the early onset of illness and disease. Along with the exam, diagnostic testing will be performed to give us a complete picture of your pet’s overall health. These tests may include a heartworm test, CBC/chemistry panel, urinalysis, and an intestinal parasite screening. We want to ensure your pet is as healthy on the inside as he/she is on the outside!

What to expect?

Prior to your pet’s exam, our Veterinary Technician will talk with you and get a brief history. Be sure to let us know if you have noticed any changes in your pet or have any specific concerns you would like addressed. Alerting the staff to things like: weight loss, changes in appetite or water intake, and any abnormal behaviors will ensure your pet’s exam and treatment plan are tailor-made to their needs.

Your pet will receive a nose-to-tail exam during his/her visit. Dr. Kohnen will listen to the heart and lungs, check the eyes, ears, teeth, and palpate the body checking for lumps and bumps. We will also check your pet’s body temperature, pulse/respiration rate and current weight. Once complete, Dr. Kohnen will review his findings and recommendations.

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